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Game Designer Salary By State

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Game Designer Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Game Designer Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Game Designer makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Game Designers.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Game Designer Alabama$89,0001% higher2015
Game Designer Alaska$65,00026% lower2015
Game Designer American Samoa$106,00020% higher2015
Game Designer Arizona$72,00018% lower2015
Game Designer Arkansas$90,0002% higher2015
Game Designer California$94,0007% higher2015
Game Designer Colorado$78,00011% lower2015
Game Designer Connecticut$101,00015% higher2015
Game Designer Delaware$77,00012% lower2015
Game Designer Florida$82,0007% lower2015
Game Designer Georgia$100,00014% higher2015
Game Designer Guam$80,0009% lower2015
Game Designer Hawaii$54,00038% lower2015
Game Designer Idaho$58,00034% lower2015
Game Designer Illinois$100,00013% higher2015
Game Designer Indiana$84,0004% lower2015
Game Designer Iowa$86,0002% lower2015
Game Designer Kansas$80,0009% lower2015
Game Designer Kentucky$76,00014% lower2015
Game Designer Louisiana$78,00011% lower2015
Game Designer Maine$78,00012% lower2015
Game Designer Maryland$90,0003% higher2015
Game Designer Massachusetts$106,00020% higher2015
Game Designer Michigan$89,0001% higher2015
Game Designer Minnesota$77,00013% lower2015
Game Designer Mississippi$92,0005% higher2015
Game Designer Missouri$86,0002% lower2015
Game Designer Montana$73,00017% lower2015
Game Designer Nebraska$64,00027% lower2015
Game Designer Nevada$67,00024% lower2015
Game Designer New Hampshire$87,0001% lower2015
Game Designer New Jersey$95,0008% higher2015
Game Designer New Mexico$77,00013% lower2015
Game Designer New York$106,00021% higher2015
Game Designer North Carolina$84,0005% lower2015
Game Designer North Dakota$78,00011% lower2015
Game Designer Ohio$84,0004% lower2015
Game Designer Oklahoma$81,0008% lower2015
Game Designer Oregon$85,0003% lower2015
Game Designer Pennsylvania$85,0004% lower2015
Game Designer Puerto Rico$85,0003% lower2015
Game Designer Rhode Island$80,0009% lower2015
Game Designer South Carolina$87,0001% lower2015
Game Designer South Dakota$66,00025% lower2015
Game Designer Tennessee$82,0007% lower2015
Game Designer Texas$85,0003% lower2015
Game Designer Utah$68,00022% lower2015
Game Designer Vermont$78,00012% lower2015
Game Designer Virgin Islands$90,0002% higher2015
Game Designer Virginia$89,0001% higher2015
Game Designer Washington DC$110,00025% higher2015
Game Designer Washington$91,0003% higher2015
Game Designer West Virginia$83,0006% lower2015
Game Designer Wisconsin$78,00011% lower2015
Game Designer Wyoming$73,00017% lower2015

Event Planner Salary By State

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Event Planner Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Event Planner Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Event Planner makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Event Planners.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Event Planner Alabama$45,0001% higher2015
Event Planner Alaska$33,00026% lower2015
Event Planner American Samoa$54,00020% higher2015
Event Planner Arizona$37,00018% lower2015
Event Planner Arkansas$46,0002% higher2015
Event Planner California$48,0007% higher2015
Event Planner Colorado$40,00011% lower2015
Event Planner Connecticut$52,00015% higher2015
Event Planner Delaware$39,00012% lower2015
Event Planner Florida$42,0007% lower2015
Event Planner Georgia$51,00014% higher2015
Event Planner Guam$41,0009% lower2015
Event Planner Hawaii$28,00038% lower2015
Event Planner Idaho$29,00034% lower2015
Event Planner Illinois$51,00013% higher2015
Event Planner Indiana$43,0004% lower2015
Event Planner Iowa$44,0002% lower2015
Event Planner Kansas$41,0009% lower2015
Event Planner Kentucky$39,00014% lower2015
Event Planner Louisiana$40,00011% lower2015
Event Planner Maine$40,00012% lower2015
Event Planner Maryland$46,0003% higher2015
Event Planner Massachusetts$54,00020% higher2015
Event Planner Michigan$45,0001% higher2015
Event Planner Minnesota$39,00013% lower2015
Event Planner Mississippi$47,0005% higher2015
Event Planner Missouri$44,0002% lower2015
Event Planner Montana$37,00017% lower2015
Event Planner Nebraska$33,00027% lower2015
Event Planner Nevada$34,00024% lower2015
Event Planner New Hampshire$44,0001% lower2015
Event Planner New Jersey$48,0008% higher2015
Event Planner New Mexico$39,00013% lower2015
Event Planner New York$54,00021% higher2015
Event Planner North Carolina$43,0005% lower2015
Event Planner North Dakota$40,00011% lower2015
Event Planner Ohio$43,0004% lower2015
Event Planner Oklahoma$41,0008% lower2015
Event Planner Oregon$43,0003% lower2015
Event Planner Pennsylvania$43,0004% lower2015
Event Planner Puerto Rico$43,0003% lower2015
Event Planner Rhode Island$41,0009% lower2015
Event Planner South Carolina$44,0001% lower2015
Event Planner South Dakota$34,00025% lower2015
Event Planner Tennessee$42,0007% lower2015
Event Planner Texas$43,0003% lower2015
Event Planner Utah$35,00022% lower2015
Event Planner Vermont$40,00012% lower2015
Event Planner Virgin Islands$46,0002% higher2015
Event Planner Virginia$45,0001% higher2015
Event Planner Washington DC$56,00025% higher2015
Event Planner Washington$46,0003% higher2015
Event Planner West Virginia$42,0006% lower2015
Event Planner Wisconsin$40,00011% lower2015
Event Planner Wyoming$37,00017% lower2015

Editor Salary By State

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Editor Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Editor Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Editor makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Editors.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Editor Alabama$50,0001% higher2015
Editor Alaska$36,00026% lower2015
Editor American Samoa$59,00020% higher2015
Editor Arizona$40,00018% lower2015
Editor Arkansas$50,0002% higher2015
Editor California$52,0007% higher2015
Editor Colorado$43,00011% lower2015
Editor Connecticut$56,00015% higher2015
Editor Delaware$43,00012% lower2015
Editor Florida$46,0007% lower2015
Editor Georgia$56,00014% higher2015
Editor Guam$45,0009% lower2015
Editor Hawaii$30,00038% lower2015
Editor Idaho$32,00034% lower2015
Editor Illinois$56,00013% higher2015
Editor Indiana$47,0004% lower2015
Editor Iowa$48,0002% lower2015
Editor Kansas$45,0009% lower2015
Editor Kentucky$42,00014% lower2015
Editor Louisiana$44,00011% lower2015
Editor Maine$43,00012% lower2015
Editor Maryland$50,0003% higher2015
Editor Massachusetts$59,00020% higher2015
Editor Michigan$49,0001% higher2015
Editor Minnesota$43,00013% lower2015
Editor Mississippi$51,0005% higher2015
Editor Missouri$48,0002% lower2015
Editor Montana$41,00017% lower2015
Editor Nebraska$36,00027% lower2015
Editor Nevada$37,00024% lower2015
Editor New Hampshire$48,0001% lower2015
Editor New Jersey$53,0008% higher2015
Editor New Mexico$43,00013% lower2015
Editor New York$59,00021% higher2015
Editor North Carolina$47,0005% lower2015
Editor North Dakota$43,00011% lower2015
Editor Ohio$47,0004% lower2015
Editor Oklahoma$45,0008% lower2015
Editor Oregon$47,0003% lower2015
Editor Pennsylvania$47,0004% lower2015
Editor Puerto Rico$47,0003% lower2015
Editor Rhode Island$45,0009% lower2015
Editor South Carolina$48,0001% lower2015
Editor South Dakota$37,00025% lower2015
Editor Tennessee$45,0007% lower2015
Editor Texas$47,0003% lower2015
Editor Utah$38,00022% lower2015
Editor Vermont$43,00012% lower2015
Editor Virgin Islands$50,0002% higher2015
Editor Virginia$49,0001% higher2015
Editor Washington DC$61,00025% higher2015
Editor Washington$51,0003% higher2015
Editor West Virginia$46,0006% lower2015
Editor Wisconsin$44,00011% lower2015
Editor Wyoming$40,00017% lower2015

Creative Director Salary By State

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Creative Director Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Creative Director Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Creative Director makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Creative Directors.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Creative Director Alabama$73,0001% higher2015
Creative Director Alaska$53,00026% lower2015
Creative Director American Samoa$86,00020% higher2015
Creative Director Arizona$59,00018% lower2015
Creative Director Arkansas$73,0002% higher2015
Creative Director California$77,0007% higher2015
Creative Director Colorado$63,00011% lower2015
Creative Director Connecticut$83,00015% higher2015
Creative Director Delaware$63,00012% lower2015
Creative Director Florida$67,0007% lower2015
Creative Director Georgia$82,00014% higher2015
Creative Director Guam$65,0009% lower2015
Creative Director Hawaii$44,00038% lower2015
Creative Director Idaho$47,00034% lower2015
Creative Director Illinois$81,00013% higher2015
Creative Director Indiana$69,0004% lower2015
Creative Director Iowa$70,0002% lower2015
Creative Director Kansas$65,0009% lower2015
Creative Director Kentucky$62,00014% lower2015
Creative Director Louisiana$64,00011% lower2015
Creative Director Maine$63,00012% lower2015
Creative Director Maryland$74,0003% higher2015
Creative Director Massachusetts$86,00020% higher2015
Creative Director Michigan$72,0001% higher2015
Creative Director Minnesota$63,00013% lower2015
Creative Director Mississippi$75,0005% higher2015
Creative Director Missouri$70,0002% lower2015
Creative Director Montana$60,00017% lower2015
Creative Director Nebraska$52,00027% lower2015
Creative Director Nevada$55,00024% lower2015
Creative Director New Hampshire$71,0001% lower2015
Creative Director New Jersey$77,0008% higher2015
Creative Director New Mexico$62,00013% lower2015
Creative Director New York$87,00021% higher2015
Creative Director North Carolina$68,0005% lower2015
Creative Director North Dakota$64,00011% lower2015
Creative Director Ohio$69,0004% lower2015
Creative Director Oklahoma$66,0008% lower2015
Creative Director Oregon$69,0003% lower2015
Creative Director Pennsylvania$69,0004% lower2015
Creative Director Puerto Rico$69,0003% lower2015
Creative Director Rhode Island$65,0009% lower2015
Creative Director South Carolina$71,0001% lower2015
Creative Director South Dakota$54,00025% lower2015
Creative Director Tennessee$67,0007% lower2015
Creative Director Texas$69,0003% lower2015
Creative Director Utah$56,00022% lower2015
Creative Director Vermont$63,00012% lower2015
Creative Director Virgin Islands$73,0002% higher2015
Creative Director Virginia$72,0001% higher2015
Creative Director Washington DC$90,00025% higher2015
Creative Director Washington$74,0003% higher2015
Creative Director West Virginia$68,0006% lower2015
Creative Director Wisconsin$64,00011% lower2015
Creative Director Wyoming$59,00017% lower2015

Animator Salary By State

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Animator Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Animator Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Animator makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Animators.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Animator Wyoming$57,00017% lower2015
Animator Alabama$70,0001% higher2015
Animator Alaska$51,00026% lower2015
Animator American Samoa$83,00020% higher2015
Animator Arizona$57,00018% lower2015
Animator Arkansas$71,0002% higher2015
Animator California$74,0007% higher2015
Animator Colorado$61,00011% lower2015
Animator Connecticut$80,00015% higher2015
Animator Delaware$61,00012% lower2015
Animator Florida$65,0007% lower2015
Animator Georgia$79,00014% higher2015
Animator Guam$63,0009% lower2015
Animator Hawaii$43,00038% lower2015
Animator Idaho$45,00034% lower2015
Animator Illinois$79,00013% higher2015
Animator Indiana$66,0004% lower2015
Animator Iowa$68,0002% lower2015
Animator Kansas$63,0009% lower2015
Animator Kentucky$60,00014% lower2015
Animator Louisiana$62,00011% lower2015
Animator Maine$61,00012% lower2015
Animator Maryland$71,0003% higher2015
Animator Massachusetts$83,00020% higher2015
Animator Michigan$70,0001% higher2015
Animator Minnesota$61,00013% lower2015
Animator Mississippi$72,0005% higher2015
Animator Missouri$68,0002% lower2015
Animator Montana$58,00017% lower2015
Animator Nebraska$51,00027% lower2015
Animator Nevada$53,00024% lower2015
Animator New Hampshire$68,0001% lower2015
Animator New Jersey$75,0008% higher2015
Animator New Mexico$60,00013% lower2015
Animator New York$84,00021% higher2015
Animator North Carolina$66,0005% lower2015
Animator North Dakota$61,00011% lower2015
Animator Ohio$66,0004% lower2015
Animator Oklahoma$64,0008% lower2015
Animator Oregon$67,0003% lower2015
Animator Pennsylvania$67,0004% lower2015
Animator Puerto Rico$67,0003% lower2015
Animator Rhode Island$63,0009% lower2015
Animator South Carolina$68,0001% lower2015
Animator South Dakota$52,00025% lower2015
Animator Tennessee$64,0007% lower2015
Animator Texas$67,0003% lower2015
Animator Utah$54,00022% lower2015
Animator Vermont$61,00012% lower2015
Animator Virgin Islands$71,0002% higher2015
Animator Virginia$70,0001% higher2015
Animator Washington DC$87,00025% higher2015
Animator Washington$72,0003% higher2015
Animator West Virginia$65,0006% lower2015
Animator Wisconsin$62,00011% lower2015