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Office Manager Salary By State

Office Manager Search Trend


Office Manager Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Office Manager Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Office Manager makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Office Managers.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Office Manager Alabama$25,0001% higher2015
Office Manager Alaska$18,00026% lower2015
Office Manager American Samoa$29,00020% higher2015
Office Manager Arizona$20,00018% lower2015
Office Manager Arkansas$25,0002% higher2015
Office Manager California$26,0007% higher2015
Office Manager Colorado$21,00011% lower2015
Office Manager Connecticut$28,00015% higher2015
Office Manager Delaware$21,00012% lower2015
Office Manager Florida$23,0007% lower2015
Office Manager Georgia$28,00014% higher2015
Office Manager Guam$22,0009% lower2015
Office Manager Hawaii$15,00038% lower2015
Office Manager Idaho$16,00034% lower2015
Office Manager Illinois$28,00013% higher2015
Office Manager Indiana$23,0004% lower2015
Office Manager Iowa$24,0002% lower2015
Office Manager Kansas$22,0009% lower2015
Office Manager Kentucky$21,00014% lower2015
Office Manager Louisiana$22,00011% lower2015
Office Manager Maine$21,00012% lower2015
Office Manager Maryland$25,0003% higher2015
Office Manager Massachusetts$29,00020% higher2015
Office Manager Michigan$24,0001% higher2015
Office Manager Minnesota$21,00013% lower2015
Office Manager Mississippi$25,0005% higher2015
Office Manager Missouri$24,0002% lower2015
Office Manager Montana$20,00017% lower2015
Office Manager Nebraska$18,00027% lower2015
Office Manager Nevada$18,00024% lower2015
Office Manager New Hampshire$24,0001% lower2015
Office Manager New Jersey$26,0008% higher2015
Office Manager New Mexico$21,00013% lower2015
Office Manager New York$29,00021% higher2015
Office Manager North Carolina$23,0005% lower2015
Office Manager North Dakota$21,00011% lower2015
Office Manager Ohio$23,0004% lower2015
Office Manager Oklahoma$22,0008% lower2015
Office Manager Oregon$23,0003% lower2015
Office Manager Pennsylvania$23,0004% lower2015
Office Manager Puerto Rico$23,0003% lower2015
Office Manager Rhode Island$22,0009% lower2015
Office Manager South Carolina$24,0001% lower2015
Office Manager South Dakota$18,00025% lower2015
Office Manager Tennessee$22,0007% lower2015
Office Manager Texas$23,0003% lower2015
Office Manager Utah$19,00022% lower2015
Office Manager Vermont$21,00012% lower2015
Office Manager Virgin Islands$25,0002% higher2015
Office Manager Virginia$24,0001% higher2015
Office Manager Washington DC$30,00025% higher2015
Office Manager Washington$25,0003% higher2015
Office Manager West Virginia$23,0006% lower2015
Office Manager Wisconsin$22,00011% lower2015
Office Manager Wyoming$20,00017% lower2015

Receptionist Salary By State

Receptionist Search Trend


Receptionist Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Receptionist Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Receptionist makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Receptionists.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Receptionist Alabama$22,0001% higher2015
Receptionist Alaska$16,00026% lower2015
Receptionist American Samoa$26,00020% higher2015
Receptionist Arizona$18,00018% lower2015
Receptionist Arkansas$22,0002% higher2015
Receptionist California$23,0007% higher2015
Receptionist Colorado$19,00011% lower2015
Receptionist Connecticut$25,00015% higher2015
Receptionist Delaware$19,00012% lower2015
Receptionist Florida$20,0007% lower2015
Receptionist Georgia$25,00014% higher2015
Receptionist Guam$20,0009% lower2015
Receptionist Hawaii$13,00038% lower2015
Receptionist Idaho$14,00034% lower2015
Receptionist Illinois$25,00013% higher2015
Receptionist Indiana$21,0004% lower2015
Receptionist Iowa$21,0002% lower2015
Receptionist Kansas$20,0009% lower2015
Receptionist Kentucky$19,00014% lower2015
Receptionist Louisiana$19,00011% lower2015
Receptionist Maine$19,00012% lower2015
Receptionist Maryland$22,0003% higher2015
Receptionist Massachusetts$26,00020% higher2015
Receptionist Michigan$22,0001% higher2015
Receptionist Minnesota$19,00013% lower2015
Receptionist Mississippi$23,0005% higher2015
Receptionist Missouri$21,0002% lower2015
Receptionist Montana$18,00017% lower2015
Receptionist Nebraska$16,00027% lower2015
Receptionist Nevada$17,00024% lower2015
Receptionist New Hampshire$22,0001% lower2015
Receptionist New Jersey$24,0008% higher2015
Receptionist New Mexico$19,00013% lower2015
Receptionist New York$26,00021% higher2015
Receptionist North Carolina$21,0005% lower2015
Receptionist North Dakota$19,00011% lower2015
Receptionist Ohio$21,0004% lower2015
Receptionist Oklahoma$20,0008% lower2015
Receptionist Oregon$21,0003% lower2015
Receptionist Pennsylvania$21,0004% lower2015
Receptionist Puerto Rico$21,0003% lower2015
Receptionist Rhode Island$20,0009% lower2015
Receptionist South Carolina$22,0001% lower2015
Receptionist South Dakota$16,00025% lower2015
Receptionist Tennessee$20,0007% lower2015
Receptionist Texas$21,0003% lower2015
Receptionist Utah$17,00022% lower2015
Receptionist Vermont$19,00012% lower2015
Receptionist Virgin Islands$22,0002% higher2015
Receptionist Virginia$22,0001% higher2015
Receptionist Washington DC$27,00025% higher2015
Receptionist Washington$23,0003% higher2015
Receptionist West Virginia$21,0006% lower2015
Receptionist Wisconsin$19,00011% lower2015
Receptionist Wyoming$18,00017% lower2015

Recruiter Salary By State

Recruiter Search Trend


Recruiter Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Recruiter Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Recruiter makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Recruiters.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Recruiter Alabama$44,0001% higher2015
Recruiter Alaska$32,00026% lower2015
Recruiter American Samoa$52,00020% higher2015
Recruiter Arizona$35,00018% lower2015
Recruiter Arkansas$44,0002% higher2015
Recruiter California$46,0007% higher2015
Recruiter Colorado$38,00011% lower2015
Recruiter Connecticut$50,00015% higher2015
Recruiter Delaware$38,00012% lower2015
Recruiter Florida$40,0007% lower2015
Recruiter Georgia$49,00014% higher2015
Recruiter Guam$40,0009% lower2015
Recruiter Hawaii$27,00038% lower2015
Recruiter Idaho$28,00034% lower2015
Recruiter Illinois$49,00013% higher2015
Recruiter Indiana$41,0004% lower2015
Recruiter Iowa$42,0002% lower2015
Recruiter Kansas$40,0009% lower2015
Recruiter Kentucky$37,00014% lower2015
Recruiter Louisiana$39,00011% lower2015
Recruiter Maine$38,00012% lower2015
Recruiter Maryland$45,0003% higher2015
Recruiter Massachusetts$52,00020% higher2015
Recruiter Michigan$44,0001% higher2015
Recruiter Minnesota$38,00013% lower2015
Recruiter Mississippi$45,0005% higher2015
Recruiter Missouri$43,0002% lower2015
Recruiter Montana$36,00017% lower2015
Recruiter Nebraska$32,00027% lower2015
Recruiter Nevada$33,00024% lower2015
Recruiter New Hampshire$43,0001% lower2015
Recruiter New Jersey$47,0008% higher2015
Recruiter New Mexico$38,00013% lower2015
Recruiter New York$52,00021% higher2015
Recruiter North Carolina$41,0005% lower2015
Recruiter North Dakota$38,00011% lower2015
Recruiter Ohio$41,0004% lower2015
Recruiter Oklahoma$40,0008% lower2015
Recruiter Oregon$42,0003% lower2015
Recruiter Pennsylvania$42,0004% lower2015
Recruiter Puerto Rico$42,0003% lower2015
Recruiter Rhode Island$39,0009% lower2015
Recruiter South Carolina$43,0001% lower2015
Recruiter South Dakota$33,00025% lower2015
Recruiter Tennessee$40,0007% lower2015
Recruiter Texas$42,0003% lower2015
Recruiter Utah$34,00022% lower2015
Recruiter Vermont$38,00012% lower2015
Recruiter Virgin Islands$44,0002% higher2015
Recruiter Virginia$44,0001% higher2015
Recruiter Washington DC$54,00025% higher2015
Recruiter Washington$45,0003% higher2015
Recruiter West Virginia$41,0006% lower2015
Recruiter Wisconsin$39,00011% lower2015
Recruiter Wyoming$36,00017% lower2015

Sociologist Salary By State

Sociologist Search Trend


Sociologist Salary Information For 2015

This table displays Sociologist Salaries By State so that people can compare how much an Sociologist makes in a specific state. This comparison engine will help people easily identify the best salaries for Sociologists.
CareerStateSalaryPercentData Year
Sociologist Alabama$61,0001% higher2015
Sociologist Alaska$44,00026% lower2015
Sociologist American Samoa$72,00020% higher2015
Sociologist Arizona$49,00018% lower2015
Sociologist Arkansas$61,0002% higher2015
Sociologist California$65,0007% higher2015
Sociologist Colorado$53,00011% lower2015
Sociologist Connecticut$69,00015% higher2015
Sociologist Delaware$53,00012% lower2015
Sociologist Florida$56,0007% lower2015
Sociologist Georgia$69,00014% higher2015
Sociologist Guam$55,0009% lower2015
Sociologist Hawaii$37,00038% lower2015
Sociologist Idaho$39,00034% lower2015
Sociologist Illinois$68,00013% higher2015
Sociologist Indiana$58,0004% lower2015
Sociologist Iowa$59,0002% lower2015
Sociologist Kansas$55,0009% lower2015
Sociologist Kentucky$52,00014% lower2015
Sociologist Louisiana$54,00011% lower2015
Sociologist Maine$53,00012% lower2015
Sociologist Maryland$62,0003% higher2015
Sociologist Massachusetts$72,00020% higher2015
Sociologist Michigan$61,0001% higher2015
Sociologist Minnesota$53,00013% lower2015
Sociologist Mississippi$63,0005% higher2015
Sociologist Missouri$59,0002% lower2015
Sociologist Montana$50,00017% lower2015
Sociologist Nebraska$44,00027% lower2015
Sociologist Nevada$46,00024% lower2015
Sociologist New Hampshire$59,0001% lower2015
Sociologist New Jersey$65,0008% higher2015
Sociologist New Mexico$52,00013% lower2015
Sociologist New York$73,00021% higher2015
Sociologist North Carolina$57,0005% lower2015
Sociologist North Dakota$53,00011% lower2015
Sociologist Ohio$58,0004% lower2015
Sociologist Oklahoma$56,0008% lower2015
Sociologist Oregon$58,0003% lower2015
Sociologist Pennsylvania$58,0004% lower2015
Sociologist Puerto Rico$58,0003% lower2015
Sociologist Rhode Island$55,0009% lower2015
Sociologist South Carolina$59,0001% lower2015
Sociologist South Dakota$45,00025% lower2015
Sociologist Tennessee$56,0007% lower2015
Sociologist Texas$58,0003% lower2015
Sociologist Utah$47,00022% lower2015
Sociologist Vermont$53,00012% lower2015
Sociologist Virgin Islands$62,0002% higher2015
Sociologist Virginia$61,0001% higher2015
Sociologist Washington DC$76,00025% higher2015
Sociologist Washington$62,0003% higher2015
Sociologist West Virginia$57,0006% lower2015
Sociologist Wisconsin$54,00011% lower2015
Sociologist Wyoming$50,00017% lower2015

Secretary Salary By State

Google Trend growth of Secretaries over the last 8 years have definitely seen a visible decline in interest as search surrounding the term Secretary has went down. In 2011 it seems that the interest has found some stability to stay at it’s current level in 2013.

Secretary Search Trends

Bureau of Labor Statistics information for Administrative Assistants and Secretaries Median salary in 2010 were listed as $34,660 a year which comes out to around $16.66 an hour. The total number of jobs available in the job market for secretaries was about 4,010,200 in 2010. Secretary jobs are expected to increase by around 12% from 2010 – 2020 adding nearly 492,900 jobs to the overall market. For detailed state by state secretary salary information you can scroll down below to look at each states job level of pay.

Secretary BLS Salary and Wages

Listed below is information that is specific to Secretary¬†job salaries that you can expect to receive in that state area. Our state by state breakdown allows you to see which state is best to get a job as a Secretary. The salary information provided below is off of real-world job listings for Secretaries¬†and the pay offered for those jobs. We source Indeed, Simply Hired, PayScale and The information provided by Indeed about their process for collecting salary averages is as follows: “Indeed Salary Search is based on an index of salary information extracted from over 50 million job postings from thousands of unique sources over the last 12 months. Many job descriptions don’t contain salary information, but there are enough that do to produce statistically significant median salaries for millions of keyword, job title and location combinations – in fact, most job searches you are likely to think of. As new jobs are added each day, the Indeed Salary Search index is automatically updated with fresh salary data, so the salary results are as up-to-date as they could possibly be.”


Secretary Salary In Alabama


Secretary Salary In Alaska

American Samoa

Secretary Salary In American Samoa


Secretary Salary In Arizona


Secretary Salary In Arkansas


Secretary Salary In California


Secretary Salary In Colorado


Secretary Salary In Connecticut


Secretary Salary In Delaware


Secretary Salary In Florida


Secretary Salary In Georgia


Secretary Salary In Guam


Secretary Salary In Hawaii


Secretary Salary In Idaho


Secretary Salary In Illinois


Secretary Salary In Indiana


Secretary Salary In Iowa


Secretary Salary In Kansas


Secretary Salary In Kentucky


Secretary Salary In Louisiana


Secretary Salary In Maine


Secretary Salary In Maryland


Secretary Salary In Massachusetts


Secretary Salary In Michigan


Secretary Salary In Minnesota


Secretary Salary In Mississippi


Secretary Salary In Missouri


Secretary Salary In Montana


Secretary Salary In Nebraska


Secretary Salary In Nevada

New Hampshire

Secretary Salary In New Hampshire

New Jersey

Secretary Salary In New Jersey

New Mexico

Secretary Salary In New Mexico

New York

Secretary Salary In New York

North Carolina

Secretary Salary In North Carolina

North Dakota

Secretary Salary In North Dakota


Secretary Salary In Ohio


Secretary Salary In Oklahoma


Secretary Salary In Oregon


Secretary Salary In Pennsylvania

Puerto Rico

Secretary Salary In Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

Secretary Salary In Rhode Island

South Carolina

Secretary Salary In South Carolina

South Dakota

Secretary Salary In South Dakota


Secretary Salary In Tennessee


Secretary Salary In Texas


Secretary Salary In Utah


Secretary Salary In Vermont

Virgin Islands

Secretary Salary In Virgin Islands


Secretary Salary In Virginia


Secretary Salary In Washington DC

Washington DC

Secretary Salary In Washington

West Virginia

Secretary Salary In West Virginia


Secretary Salary In Wisconsin


Secretary Salary In Wyoming