Why We Exist

It really makes a lot of sense to explain why we exist. We noticed something that is missing in the world of salary information for jobs and careers. It’s quite hard to find a one stop place that tells you all on one page what a career pays in every single state. We feel that this is incredibly important for the future of your career to be best located where you will be happy with how much you are getting paid.

State by State Salary Differences Can Be Drastic

As you look around this site, you will notice one thing for sure. Jobs can pay sometimes drastic differences from state to state, region to region. While sometimes the reason may just be that the area is more expensive to live in it can also be that in that specific industry there is more demand for that type of career.

A simple example of pay rate disparity is looking in the California area for programmers in the Silicon Valley area. It’s obvious that there is more demand in this part of the country and competition is fierce. Now you won’t need to wonder whether one state pays more than another state as we will make sure that information is all listed in one place for you to see.

Where do we get our salary information?

To get state by state wage differences we utilize job search engines like Indeed and Simply Hired to find real-world data from job postings that have listed a specific salary. We also make an effort to get government obtained information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on overall growth numbers of the careers and standard salary rates. While BLS data is useful, we find it typically outdated and not as effective because it’s based off of old analysis and doesn’t always include actual job listing salary postings.

Getting Started Here

To get started at our site you can either search for your job title, career or you can use the broad category listings. If your career isn’t listed and you’d like to see it here, drop us a line and we’ll get it added within a couple of days. Thanks for stopping by and here’s to high earnings for your next paycheck!


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  1. Nathan

    Great information. I’m looking to make a move and needed a data set so I can compare estimated salaries to cost of living.

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